Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Windy day in Erfurt.

I spent my last semester break in Erfurt. The capital city of Thuringia.
My bestfriend named Alethea lives there. She visited me to celebrate new year eve in Berlin so now it was my turn to visit her.

What I like the most about Erfurt is, it has a very admirable old town and enormous numbers of typical traditional old german houses.

Further famous building is the Krämerbrücke, a bridge completely covered with dwellings. It is very unique. On this spot, you can find any souvenir and craft made by the local people.

Another interesting place is The Petersberg Citadel. It's an example of a baroque city fortress on the highest hill in Erfurt. It was started in 1695 and is a great example of fortresses from the 17th and 18th centuries.

At the top of the hill you can see the Domplatz and the city view. It really has a stunning and exceptional panorama!

Too bad it was so windy by time I came. Make sure to visit here in the summer :)

About my outfit.
The coat is something I bought from Flohmarkt (flea market in english) just for 10 Euros. I like the cutting, especially in the arm part. Eventhough it's oversized it doesn't make me look so big (I think?) and the skirt is only 3 Euros. :B

I haven't worn jeans lately because I haven't found any jeans that fits me well. But if you're looking for an option you can go to ZALORA and search for a perfect jeans. Happy shopping!


  1. OMG I love the photos!!!! They look sooo artistic :D

    1. Hee hee thank you Mary <3 I just took a snap of everything i saw on the street and with iphone 4s only

  2. Replies
    1. Danke ririnnn aku juga suka foto foto kamu <3