Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming 2015

Happy new year everyone!
How was your new year's eve? I celebrated mine with a best friend on a hotel rooftop near Berlin Central Station.  It was not fancy but we experienced something new for us. The fireworks were beautiful as always. 

Before I started the new year, I think it's better to look back the previous year, to see what I have accomplished so far. 


This was my first college application form and it was sent back to me in January. Before I finally decided to study architecture, design was always be my dream major. To study Design in Germany is not easy. So I kinda gave up on that, but still try to pursue it trough a hobby. They say what we want is not always what we need :)


This was my first portfolio at uni. I'm proud enough to say that I have had done such a great job during the first semester. Not a perfect score but I managed to get everything done on time. 


I spent my holiday in Indonesia! After 1,5 year I finally visited home. I get really close with my family and friends. After ate a lot of good food and went to good places in Jakarta with friends, I ended my holiday with a family issue. It actually affected me very bad, but I try to learn how to overcome the problems. 
I get to know that I have to understand and accept other's decision.


Sakti and I took a short trip to Lübeck and Travemünde. 
I was so happy to see such a beautiful place. To see the ocean and play with sand is such a rare experience in Germany, at least for me.


Arinta came to town! One of the best memory from 2014 was when we travel to Prague together. 
Suddenly exploring Berlin became more interesting with her.


I got new family! the new commite of PPI Berlin.


I experienced being a model and got a profesional photographer to take my picture. 


I turned 22! 
I am blessed to have a nice boyfriend, many of good friend and super duper thoughtful best friend. 


I (still) couldn't believe that I featured on ELLE UK September's issue.


I tried something new which is involved needle and thread. 
My first ever bag. Soon to be something big. Hopefully!


I never ever imagined myself join But after I saw my friend's account I thought it maybe a great idea to share my life in Germany to the others. So I decided to make an account. 


I am so grateful to end the year with her. Even though I hate to go outside on new year's eve but again, thanks for always being by me side every single day in 2014.

I guess now I can move on to the new chapter. 
Book of 2015 page 1.

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