Friday, March 29, 2013

Gondola ride in Venice.

They say "go to venice, you'll love it." ,i could not be more agreed. It is located in northeastern Italy. 
The City consist of 118 small island separated by canals and linked with bridges. 
My first thought was "wow". It was like a giant labyrinth, field with such an old-but-beautiful Architecture. For a second i thought it would be okay to stuck in this city forever. But then no, because when it is raining really hard then you gotta pull your pants to avoid the flood.
And it was raining, but fortunately no flood. 

To enjoy this city, we (me and my family) decided to rode a Gondola. 
and we were right, because it's even more beautiful inside of the water alley. You can see all the house got moss on the lower side of the wall, and i find it somehow interesting. 
Along the way i wondered how venetians live, with this never-end-water supply they must be really love their life. Nothing to compare to big city, because here, you can feel the quite and peaceful atmosphere.


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